Starts October 10, 2022 (2 classes/week, ~60+ total hours)

GeniusMapping™ Live/online certification COURSE

Learn how to expertly unpack and map not only your own and other people’s genius, but also the structure of the challenges and problems people face (which in turn enables amazingly targeted changework/interventions).  This modeling methodology has been successfully taught around the globe for 20+ years, and keeps evolving and improving!  NLP students will find that this beautifully ties together everything they’ve learned in NLP!

December 1-5, 2022 (5 days, in person!)

SpeakerGenius™ Live Training

Our popular 5-day Speaker/Trainer Training, offering a fault-tolerant, brilliant system for communicating anything persuasively and passionately to any audience… from 1 to 1000 people.  Our guarantees:  (1) This will work exceptionally well with any other speaker training, and (2) every single person improves dramatically by the end of the course.  We’ll hand you video proof of your growth and development after the course completes!  (Previously called “Holographic Communication,” and “Speaking Ingeniously.”

January 12-22, 2023 (10 days, in person!)

PeopleGenius™ Level 1,
NLP Business Practitioner

We’ve evolved the NLP Practitioner course into a powerhouse evolution of your business behavior and communication skills.  Learn to navigate any situation with elegance, strategy, and deep emotional intelligence and savvy.  Our primary aim with this course is to heighten your people-reading skills, and enhance your ability to always know what to say, and when.