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December 1-5, 2022

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Speakers (& Wanna-be’s!):

Would you find it valuable to master a one-size-fits-all, fault-tolerant, easy-to-integrate, method of speaking from the platform… such that you’d become more emotionally intelligent and influential, more memorable and persuasive, and more deeply connected with your audiences?

What if it also worked beautifully with any other approaches to speaking you may have learned?

This page describes the ULTIMATE Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Course, using NLP to Deliver ANY Content More Effectively and Memorably.

If you need to influence from the platform, if you want to transform your listeners and create dramatic change for your listeners, we can make you far more effective — and hand you proof at the end of the course, of how far you’ll have come.

SpeakerGenius Training

for Platform Influence

If you presently know how to…

  • Move individuals or groups from saying they “can’t” or “shouldn’t” do something — to “I will do it” in 2 sentences or less…
  • Move an audience effortlessly from annoyed or angry to hysterical laughter or tears of joy or wanton drive and intention…
  • Transform your audience’s beliefs, perspective, states of mind, and future plans…
  • Capture anyone’s attention easily and lead them into ANY SUBJECT AT ALL…
  • Take the stage with Confidence rather than Fear…
  • Ascend in front of an audience in a way that creates optimal perceptions of you…
  • Weave a wide variety of effectively delivered suggestions into absolutely any story — whether the suggestions are related to the story or not…
  • Speak to an audience in a way that gains widespread acceptance and creates less questions or doubt…

…then please compel yourself to read the entirety of this letter. It’s worth it; I’ll reveal below how you’ll learn (or sharpen) all the above skills and much, much more — in only FIVE days.

Dear Trainer and Public Speaker… (or even if you’re aiming to become one!)

It is indeed one of the more rewarding experiences in life to stand up in front of an appreciative audience & wow them. And the skills required to find your own voice & style with your audiences can definitely be learned by anyone. And yet, while many people see public speaking as something they want to enjoy doing, it continues to rank amongst the most often-expressed fears people have. If this describes you, I’d like to show you how you can get past those fears with zero pain, and maximum fun. Getting from Scared — to Ready and Excited — can be amazingly easy.

Even if you’re not one of the many people who aren’t comfortable in front of any audience, there are a variety of well-known methods for public speaking that use outdated and inefficient training methods, that despite their great intentions, take far too much time to master. Case in point: one organization that uses a buzzer every time a speaker says “umm.” This kind of negative reinforcement makes eliminating the habit uncomfortable & very difficult. I suggest that you can acquire vast amounts of speaking skill, that you can learn good speaking habits and eliminate bad ones within only 5 days, using optimal brain-training and behavioral shaping methods. And I promise: ABSOLUTELY no buzzers, or shock-treatments! No hot coals to walk over. And DEFINITELY no flying you 1000 miles away, dropping you off without any money, and telling you to use your skills to get back to the training within 24 hours. None of that. Just a pure public speaking skills training — using a state-of-the-art accelerated learning paradigm.

You Too can Powerfully Captivate Audiences!

Knowing people get significant value from you as a public speaker provides a sense of satisfaction that is very difficult to convey through words, but profound in its congruence. I can only describe it to you from my own perspective. Over the last 4 years I’ve earned a very warm welcome from a growing body of customers & students, many of whom return to attend more than 1 event. Each time I walk on stage, my attention becomes totally attuned to how much I can do for/with my seminar attendees. And seeing you/them grow is the best result I could ask for! And so it will be for you.

Some of the BENEFITS you’ll get from attending:

  • Develop an experiential innate understanding of process language vs content language, and manage the HOW, while you’re sharing the WHAT.
  • Condition yourself to use BOTH INPUT (observation) & OUTPUT (speaking & behaving) channels… concurrently — and NEVER lose track of your audience while speaking again!
  • Learn 10+ ways to grab your audience’s attention within seconds, to ALWAYS start speaking powerfully, and EASILY reclaim an audience’s waning attention!
  • Discover the magic of “hypnotic fractionation” of an audience’s attention, to More Rapidly Claim an audience, and Make Your Presentations FAR more Memorable!
  • Learn to notice the sometimes subtle, sometimes glaring signals that audience members want you to notice. There’s no Excuse for Failing to Pay Attention to Your Audience. With better awareness, you won’t need any excuses!
  • Learn to notice the signals that audience members wish you wouldn’t notice, which helps you tune your presentation more effectively anyway! MANY audience members have hidden, secret responses to things we speakers say. For Speakers, these are incredibly valuable to notice.
  • Replace distracting habits with Captivating ones! So your audience can FINALLY focus fully on the magic they truly know is inside you!
  • And much, much more…

Here’s What You’ll Learn & Take-Away from this course:

  • Emotional-State-ChainingThis is the CORE SKILLSET taught at Speaking Ingeniously. A critically important skill in NLP, rarely taught well, often not taught! You’ll learn to move people from unresourceful and unresponsive to resourcefully responsive, and influence them at the same time with your content: We are thrilled to share… your life will NEVER be the same again!
  • Chunking StrategiesShould you begin from a high level and then work your way to details? Begin with details and work your way up to the 20,000 foot view? Use the wrong method with the wrong audience, and you’re dead in the water. Train with us, and that concern goes away!
  • Headlines for Instant CuriosityAs an NLP Trainer, I never open my mouth to start training content until/unless every face shows clear curiosity for what I’m about to say. Most people just start blurting out content, but that’s amateur hour. Learn my approach, and ALWAYS start from curiosity!
  • Spatial/Stage Anchoring! The greatest speakers and comedians know how to use the space on a stage to enhance a presentation, something most speakers will never learn. These “tricks” can make the difference between a memorable talk and a confusing one, even the difference between an empty pocket and a sale.
  • Time-DistortionOne of the GREAT gifts from the fields of NLP & Hypnosis over to the Public Speaking world. There are 100’s of nuances and patterns here that will have dramatically changed people’s experience of your speaking ability. Perhaps there’ll be a time in the future where you’ll be calling and emailing us repeatedly to share your excitement over what will have happened for you and your audience members!
  • How to Be SuccinctMost speakers talk WAY too much and deliver far too much material. I know multiple unique exercises that teach you how to reduce the fluff.
  • 5 different Ways to Structure a Presentationso you’ll have multiple methods for packaging information and moving people to action! (1) Emotional-State Chaining, (2) Nested Loops/Metaphors, (3) Timeline-Based Delivery, (4) Presenting Involved Technical Content with Chunking Strategies, (5) Designing Presentations Backwards for Maximal Content Acquisition/Retention, and actually, more than 5!
  • Embedded Commands and MANY other influential language patterns, using my VERY PRECISE auditory nuanceswhen you start using Ericksonian language patterns to improve the way people hear and respond to your platform speaking, you’ll find yourself amazed at the results you’ll get. Learn our most effective auditory nuances to make yourself maximally hypnotic!
  • Sensory-Rich Languageto make your presentations more vibrant and memorable start-to-finish!
  • When to use ACTIVE vs. FROZEN languageSome types of words support what you want to accomplish in front of audiences, some types of words get in the way. Your audiences will find GREATER EASE with imagining fabulous new future possibilities!
  • And much, much more…

Here are some written reviews!

Jonathan is a superb trainer with a deep understanding of his subject. His work developing the skills of my team has continued to add value over time.”

(Robert hired Jonathan to deliver some of the content from this course, onsite, for his team).

Robert Bradford

Author & CEO, Center for Simplified Strategic Planning

“This course is the best integration & application of NLP techniques I have ever experienced. Jonathan is masterful in his ability to help you with your unique speaking & presenting problems. He essentially creates a custom “model” for each participant’s presentation success based on your needs, style & goals.”
Lyndell Carey

Financial Advisor, Coach/Facilitator, Dynamic Mind, Pt. Charlotte, FL

“With considerable experience giving keynotes, I thought I was very good on stage. The new skills & confidence that Jonathan has guided into my mind make my previous level of professionalism pale and insignificant by comparison. This class is the best preparation for public speaking that I have ever seen, heard of, or experienced.”

Michael Lovas

Consultant, Author, Speaker, About People, Spokane, WA

“Jonathan Altfeld is a highly skilled communicator and trainer whom it is an absolute pleasure to watch at work. He cultivates a learning environment which nurtures and develops the skills and abilities of everyone within the group, and created epic transformations.”

Jenny Waller

Life Coach, Coaching with Jen, Cheshire UK

“The massive growth every attendee experienced in our speaking skills would be hard to believe if we didn’t have the DVD evidence! The way Jonathan trains means that everyone, regardless of their current skill level, gets massive benefits from his courses. He has mastered the impossible art of training different skill levels concurrently, and it’s the most effortless and powerful learning I’ve experienced. You won’t find the majority of this material anywhere else.”
Andy Preston

Sales Trainer, Outstanding Results, Manchester UK

After taking this course in May ’05, my monthly income literally doubled! That made the course an extreme bargain. I only wish I’d known about it before I started speaking in public for money. Jonathan recorded all my speeches, and then gave me a DVD at the end of the course. That DVD was the ultimate convincer that my time and money was well spent.

Paul Bielby

Cruise Ship Art Auctioneer, Kingston, Ontario

If you’re like Most Speakers… you’ve been Gambling your success away.

People don’t make great decisions in bad states. They only make great decisions in great states.

As speakers, as persuaders-from-the-stage, we often aim to cause people to make positive, great decisions. We want to share a message, and hope people think through that message, adopt it, learn from it, and take action accordingly.

And our audiences will NEVER respond to our messages if they remain in emotional states like neutral, disinterested, distracted, busy, annoyed, worried, incongruent, confused, or worse. It’d be like talking to a wall.

When speakers focus primarily on making sure their content is “perfect,” and spend no time or effort learning to improve their PROCESS, to increase their emotional influence skills… then they’re leaving audience response completely up to chance. Why gamble?

Unfortunately most speakers courses train people to work on their CONTENT. Their focus is mostly on the WHAT. Since most people make decisions almost completely emotionally, doesn’t “too much focus on content” strike you as a much less-useful approach to speaker training, than learning emotional influence skills?

People use EMOTION to make their decisions… then they use your CONTENT… to justify the decisions they already feel are right for them. Re-read that! Emotion is the FIRST and most important doorway in influence.

And the MOST EFFECTIVE, and EASIEST TO LEARN method for emotional influence from the stage… is “Emotional-State-Chaining. Mega-Speakers like “Anthony Robbins” and “Zig Ziglar” and others have learned how to use state-chaining very powerfully. But if you don’t know how to unpack their process, you’ll never learn how they do what they do… or why Zig is one of the fastest state-chainers to study, or why Robbins is one of the slowest and most verbose state-chainers to study (still worth studying).

To put it bluntly, any speaker that can’t do state-chaining from the platform is failing to sufficiently motivate or influence their listeners. Any sales-person who can’t do state-chaining for any group of prospects, is definitely leaving money on the table.

HOWEVER… All is NOT LOST… because…

You’ll become a Gifted “State-Chainer”…
at our SpeakerGenius course!


At the core of this course there is a model for packaging information that is extremely influential to audiences. It’s a one-sized fits-all model that can used equally well in a board room, a class room, a sales presentation, a political speech, a keynote address, you name it.

In fact, you can use this “Emotional State-Chaining” model for presenting… to unpack/analyze every great presentation you’ve ever seen. (And in some cases, during this course, we WILL do that!).

As educators and influencers, Speakers need to move people incrementally from whatever emotional states they begin listening from, into far better emotional states.

People usually begin listening anywhere from curious and interested, or disinterested or neutral, or worse: busy, distracted, annoyed, irritated, worried, etc. I call these “Encounter states.”

But to move people to want to adopt our ideas, or consider taking some actions, or get excited about a topic, or even to buy a product or service, we need to elicit states of deep need, heightened desire, wanton motivation, fire-in-the-belly, brimming excitement, and more! When we successfully elicit these “Action states” in people, we can successfully and easily influence them — for all the RIGHT reasons.

So how do we do this? How do we move people from Encounter States to Action states, when most of them are unable to make the leap from one to the other, easily?! After all… most audience members aren’t naturally automatically wired to…

  • jump from irritated to “wanton need” in one hop!
  • jump from distracted to “absolutely fascinated” in one step.
  • slide rapidly from disinterested to “frothing-at-the-mouth-gotta-have-it”, in just one paragraph!

Thus, we need to figure out what emotions lend themselves to effective emotional transitions for listeners/audiences. Some emotions are more likely to get audiences “stuck” somewhere along our presentations. By contrast, “Hub States,” like “spokes of a wheel” or “hub airports,” can be led to easily from almost anywhere, and can then lead almost anywhere else. It’s important for all influencers whether 1-on-1 or in speaking (and bodywork genius Moshe Feldenkrais knew this too, in the kinesthetic sense!) to use as many of our “emotional hubs” as possible.

Finally, so much of NLP training is oriented towards teaching auditory- or visual-based influence skills. Unfortunately for most NLP students, the KINESTHETIC sensory modality seems not to be taught enough, or well enough. To solve this problem, we have to learn to become more elegant at strategically causing people to feel things, in a certain sequence, as a set of transitions. And, it turns out, when you take this “Kinesthetic” approach to influence and speaking, it actually becomes easier to remember your content AND your speaking strategy.

State-chaining is a critical, essential NLP skill to master. The ability to move people from unresourceful states over to more resourceful states is something every NLP student needs to develop. And its something every speaker needs in their toolkit!

“Oh, I could NEVER take this course.
I’m afraid of public speaking!”

All the more reason!!! What if I told you that in a matter of hours, I could tell a few stories… ask you to do some funny and odd things… after which, you wouldn’t be able to be afraid any longer?

If you really have no particular interest in speaking to groups, or teaching, or training, or selling to audiences, or influencing more than one person at a time, then probably this course wasn’t for you to begin with.

But what if… after I worked my “magic,” you could or would actually enjoy the idea of speaking in front of groups… would you want to? Do you have a voice inside you begging to be released? Yet in the past you couldn’t give that voice an audience, simply because of fear? If so, this course may be the best gift you could give yourself. It wouldn’t take 5 days to get rid of that fear. It would take hours maximum, possibly even minutes, thanks to NLP — and of course, thanks also to seemingly-effortless NLP-based methods of helping you to dance “around” your fear.

Don’t let your *past* vice-grip on your own fear hold you back from seemingly-magical methods of releasing that fear without ever having to “face it.” Take advantage! Empower yourself! My course is a “risk-free investment, so why not stop denying yourself this FUN growth and development!?

       Don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s what one of our students found:

Eric Johnson, Bradenton, FL
Mortgage Broker, Financial Coach & Founder of the Financial Independence Project

Some practical comments about
the “Speakergenius” Experience!


SpeakerGenius “Mornings” This course follows a specific format: During the morning session, we devote most of our time to “normal seminar style training.” For me, this means Metaphor and storytelling, followed by small-group training exercises, followed by explanations and unpacking what took place for greater conscious knowledge. This is an accelerated form of training that transfers both conscious knowledge and unconscious skill (sometimes clunky at first, you’ll find you can actually DEMO and DO these skills on request!).

SpeakerGenius “Afternoons” During our afternoon sessions, we devote most of our time to your individual stage time, with personalized feedback. Each of your presentations will be recorded (for YOUR benefit, not ours), and at the end of the course, you’ll receive a DVD with all of your presentations on it, back to back. And upon viewing your presentations quickly all at once, you’ll find yourself absolutely enthralled with how much you’ll have grown, from start to finish. We give total transformations! We help people to find rich voices inside, and emerge more confident and expressive!

Fear of Public Speaking? There’s a longer explanation in the Section right before this, one page up! In summary, though, the first sessions in Speaking Ingeniously are designed to comfortably eliminate that discomfort. Discomfort is only a neurological response to certain stimuli or concerns about things that might never occur. Using NLP, you’ll learn how to literally wire around those old sensations, and move right into ‘ready’ states of mind. Furthermore we’ll condition you gently and steadily over the course of the entire seminar, to attach massive confidence to walking in front of a group.

Already a Confident Speaker? You’ll learn how to package your communication more effectively to maximize audience retention, make your communication far more concise, and learn to use your stage to everyone’s advantage. If you’re not using your stage spatially in concert with your presentation, then you’re missing huge opportunities for leading your audiences. Learn great platform training skills and add new dimensions to your work.

Great Story-telling! I’ve spent years learning how to more effectively train great story-telling skills, and am highly adept at providing precise 1-on-1 feedback to help you improve your current story-telling skills, dramatically and easily! Your audience’s attention won’t ever wane again!

Total Training Time? Officially, I promise 7 solid training hours a day minimum, with a meal break in the middle (I use a 9:30 am to 6:00pm training schedule). So that’s 35 solid hours of training, minimum! Unofficially, it could be a lot more. I sometimes train further into the evenings (no extra charge), if students wish for that. Also, sometimes we’ll bring lunch or dinner in and continue to work through the meal. When we do go out, I usually dine with students, offering more custom feedback and tidbits as desired through mealtimes.

Exhausting or Empowering? you will probably sleep very well each night! People tend to sleep deeply during NLP-related workshops. However I will energize the group appropriately with music, brain-tuning exercises, and multi-media learning experiences. Expect an empowering week, not a draining one. Furthermore, as your skills accelerate, your motivation will naturally skyrocket. Think of how this has worked for you in other contexts; it applies here too!

This will be an actively-paced course, with full ranges of emotional experience. Unless you can immerse yourself in your own depth of experience, you’ll never be able to convey it powerfully to audiences! There will be amazing highs. Tons of laughter. Probably a few tears (from experiencing others’ emotionally moving speeches, not from being upset about speaking!!!). There will be moments when I will find seeds of/for your most elegant, most central self… moments when you may regard such self-discoveries as sublime. There will probably be moments when most people probably wouldn’t want to hear certain kinds of constructive (always constructive) feedback. But on the other side, you’ll emerge as a far more powerful, confident, resourceful speaker and group leader.

I wish more of you were able, now, to experience what I experience. It’s really something.

Join me at the upcoming SpeakerGenius™ course. I promise you a learning and growth experience you will remember and use with joy and satisfaction for years to come.

Jonathan Signature

Jonathan Altfeld
Mastery InSight Institute


We’re committed to delivering far more value to you than you pay in tuition. And we’re confident enough in our ability to do that for anyone, to offer you this guarantee: If you’re not 100% satisfied that this seminar program truly and measurably helps you to transform your ability to speak on stage, remove/reduce any fear of public speaking, and generally make your platform skills much more compelling, simply let us know at any point through the first 2 days and we’ll refund your US$ tuition paid (less a 4% admin fee). More info is shown on our policies page.

In Pittsburgh, PA, December 1-5, 2022

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You’ll receive two gifts worth $238:  My “Finding Your Irresistible Voice” 2-hour program (a $79 value), and my “Creating the Automatic Yes” 4-hour program (a $159 value).  These will augment your class experience in beautiful and rewarding ways;  one helps you find a more charismatic voice for your speaking experiences, and the other will act as a practice guide for the emotional influence skills acquired throughout the course.

The first 5 seats to fill get a 45-minute free online coaching session via Zoom or phone, anytime from signup until the course (a $225 value).  Yes, you can take advantage of this afterwards if you prefer.


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