With Jonathan Altfeld

Learn the secrets of the masters of teaching, communicating, coaching, and motivating.

3 extended weekends of in-person training (10 days total) to acquire a profound and well-integrated foundation in NLP Knowledge and Skills.

“No matter where you perceive your skill level, there is always more. Jonathan not only cuts diamonds, he polishes them, and adds more facets.”

– Bob Dillon, Professional Seminar Leader, Vermont


Millions of people around the world have become fascinated with NLP, and have considered the idea of taking a Practitioner Training, to gain a thorough foundation of knowledge and skill, that they can either then apply within their current career, or help them to transition to a new career.  Perhaps this describes you!

In 1997, I was working in a professional career in AI (Artificial Intelligence), and seeking an ideal NLP Practitioner training.  The advice I received at the time, was to take a Practitioner training with someone other than one of the co-founders of NLP, and then if possible to take Master Practitioner training with one of the co-founders.  And to train with as many different trainers as possible.  Everyone said:  “if you only train with one trainer, your skills and knowledge will suffer and not grow as much as it can.”  The importance of seeking out a variety of trainers was instilled in me, early.

That turned out to be incredible advice, so I followed it.  I found someone who had trained extensively with one of the founders (Rex Sikes), and attended his course.  That course was 14 days long — and provided a masterful level of skill, full of extensive class-room exercises and application, with ample repetition, which in turn… led to deeply integrated skills.  I then trained to Master Practitioner level with John La Valle and Richard Bandler, starting immediately after my Practitioner course (something that would normally not be recommended, but because of my AI background turned out to be optimal, for me and my learning speed).  Due to this unique training sequence, I was then invited by Richard’s Business Manager (Brahm Von Huene) to the 1997 Trainers Training with Richard Bandler and John La Valle.

During the Master Practitioner course, and during the Trainers Training, it became clear that my ability to demonstrate and explain the skills of NLP was widely admired by people I initially had characterized as “ahead of me.”   Additionally, I began to compare and contrast my level of knowledge and depth of skills to people who had attended other Practitioner or Master Practitioner courses from other trainers.  And patterns started to emerge about many other trainers, and where they excelled at — as well as where they failed at — helping students achieve deep knowledge and skill.  Over time, I began to recognize that I could add a lot of unique value to the process of learning NLP.

Initially, I had no intention of “competing” with those other (then-) “bigger name” trainers, so I established my trainer reputation and name-recognition across the USA, UK, and Australia,  by offering 2-3 day courses on a variety of specific topics.  Applied NLP.  And I started receiving signups from a wide array of different NLP students.  Those “Trainer Signatures” started becoming clearer and clearer.  I could tell which trainers were amazing at X, Y, and Z.  Which trainers were awful at A, B, & C.  And there was more than enough of the latter, to warrant me starting to run full certification courses.  And the rest is history!

My mission, so to speak, has always been the same:  In any given course, transfer the maximum number of skills at the deepest level of integration possible, in balance.  I won’t train more than that, with less depth, or go so deep that we fail to cover the major basic foundational topics.  So — maximum skills transferred given however much time we have together.   And I’m more concerned with SKILL, than I am with memorizing the names of everything.  You can always study information at home.  But when you spend time with a trainer, rather than a speaker, you need the feedback loops the trainer offers.

Here’s what I learned from those “Trainer Signatures:”

Some certification courses are taught by “Practitioner mills,” where you have 5-10 trainers, most of whom will train 1 or 2 days, and then not be with you throughout your entire course, you miss the incredible value that comes from having a single trainer with 1-2 assistants present throughout, who will help track and guide your growth from start to end.   With these students, they sometimes have good knowledge and skill, but none of it is well integrated.  They can’t do anything in parallel, only one skill at a time, in serial.  This taught me to learn to optimize exercises over time, to keep building on earlier building blocks.  Leads to deeper skills integration.

Some certification courses are taught by elite-behaving trainers who aren’t approachable, and who demand all of your questions and concerns be raised only with their assistants.  This signature always shows up in students as poor depth of skill, and a lot of inconsistent results.  I usually have to do a lot of refinement and cleanup with these students.  So this taught me why I needed to move among the students during exercises to ensure I could maximize everyone’s results, real-time, AS you’re learning.

Highly Intellectual…. (book knowledge, talk about but not do)


Shorter and shorter courses…  5-7-day practitioners (very poor skill).


Size of course.  20 student max is ideal.



  • Does this match you?
  • Invitation to join the NLP Prac Course

“Can’t believe how much I absorbed unconsciously — guess that’s what it’s all about.  I’m now hungry for more NLP info…”

Alison Mansen, Glasgow, Scotland Training & Facilitation Consultant

What is unique about this NLP Practitioner Course?

Experience A Multi-Level Level Transformation in Your Knowledge, Behavior, Ability, Values, Beliefs, and Identity.

Highly Effective training from one of the best-reviewed NLP Trainers.

Paced well for all levels, leaving no one behind.  Every student levels up.

Deeply Connected guidance with high levels of trainer attention

Progress-Focused, and Outcome-Driven.  We aim for Results. 

Intuitive, natural, and nuanced application.  Attention is given to practicality.

Why train with Jonathan?

“People come out of most NLP Practitioner courses with 100-200 patterns and skills, but clueless about when to use them. I don’t just teach the What and the How.  I also teach the When… and When NOT to.”

When you attend this course, you’ll have access to:

Influences and insights from decades of leaders’ work throughout the field

Jonathan’s primary trainers were Rex Steven Sikes, then Richard Bandler and John La Valle.  He’s also done deep dives with home study materials from John Grinder, Robert Dilts, the Andreases, Milton Erickson, and many other next-generation NLP and Hypnosis trainers. 

A Well-Seasoned and Innovative Educator, with a focus on Results

Jonathan has trained unique course content since 1997, all across the USA and England, as well as in select cities in Canada, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Romania, and Australia.  He rapidly established himself as an innovator in the field, by teaching bespoke applied-NLP courses, and by releasing highly unique home-study materials, in areas not yet explored by others. 

Wisdom from Backgrounds in both Architecture and early AI

Architecture School taught Jonathan how to create experiential sequences and subconscious clues to help people unfold discoveries.  Then, a first career in AI turned him into a gifted pattern matcher.  Later, attending NLP Training with the Discovery Method of learning tied into his AI & Architectural backgrounds, leading to his developing unmatched NLP exercise-design skills.

Who is this course for?

NLP Practitioner Training delivers so many different results, DEPENDING ON your roles in LIFE, your CIRCUMSTANCES, your values, and your Desired Outcomes or future wishes. 

Because NLP Training is mostly about PRocess, not content, it applies to many walks of life!

Sales & Marketing

  • Copywriters, who need more persuasive language skills.

  • Designers, who want to appeal to a wider variety of client customer types

  • Salespeople, to close more of the right sales – with the right people


  • Authors, who may want to improve their cognitive flexibility, and capacity to write for varying audiences. 
  • Musicians, who often need enhanced synesthesias to create more vibrant musical experiences, as well as greater systemic thinking for composition.
  • Artists, who, like musicians, stand to benefit from deepened or unlocked synesthesias, and who want to learn to speak about their art in hypnotically charismatic fashion.


  • Speakers, who need to be more influential from their platforms.
  • Organizers, who must communicate with a wide variety of people, and bring people together peacefully.
  • Facilitators, who need to gain and maintain rapport well with many unique and different people.
  • Lawyers, for convincing both clients and juries, and becoming excellent people-readers to ensure they select jurors properly through voir dire.
  • Politicians, for learning to speak in tongues;  saying one thing, that intentionally means different things to different ears.


  • Business Owners
  • Managers
  • Directors


  • Therapists.  These people become far more effective and flexible with change, after acquiring NLP skills.
  • Coaches, are often woefully under-trained and unprepared to handle more difficult client issues.  NLP Training is pure magic for coaches.
  • Psychologists. Many only train in single disciplines.  Eclectic training here in multiple disciplines helps make better psychologists, and NLP training aids in powerful ways.


  • Social Phobics, to learn how to break through their own shells in order to develop friendships and relationships 
  • Lonely Singles, who haven’t found ideal partners yet, and don’t know why, or even haven’t been able to talk to dating prospects.
  • Healing Divorcees, who need to heal from their past relationship(s), and identify healthier ideal selection criteria.
  • The Friendless, who need to learn how to make friends, and nurture those friendships healthfully.

Build confidence to:

  • Changing or Eliminating Inappropriate or Undesirable Behaviors
  • Resolving Internal Conflicts
  • Establishing Deep Levels of Rapport
  • Accessing & Recognizing Altered States of Consciousness
  • Inducing Trance in Others through Both Verbal & Non-Verbal Techniques
  • Accessing Resourceful States of Competence & Confidence (States of Excellence)
  • Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Using Trance States for Behavioral Change

  • Developing Meaningful Goals & Clear Strategies for Attainment

  • Understanding Non-Verbal Cues & Language Patterns

  • Bringing Limiting Beliefs & Structure into Conscious Awareness

  • Utilizing TimeLines to Access & Easily Wire Around Past Trauma

“Through this experience, I’ve gathered many things that I did not have before. I am able to see things, and see them from new perspectives. I have learned and am still learning how to improve both myself as well as those with whom I come in contact.”

Chris Arellano


This course is structured over 3 extended weekends to help you integrate the lessons more naturally and easily, over time.

Weekend 1: 3 days

Foundation:  Awareness, Flexibility, Analytics

Our outcomes for this module include: To set up foundational NLP skills, develop expanded perspectives and optimal learning states and strategies, establish core components of skills that will be blended and woven together over time in more nuanced and strategic fashion, expand your thinking patterns, get you seeing, hearing, and feeling far more than you have before, create more possibilities, and introduce the two core NLP language models and their applications.

Our topics for this module include: Well-formed Goals, NLP Presuppositions, Verbal & Nonverbal Rapport, Mastery States of Learning, Sensory Acuity, VAK (Modalities & Sensory Rich Language skills), Language Models (Meta Model & Milton Model) & more.

How you’ll likely feel, after this module: We’ll have begun gently, creating a fun and playful, experimental space, where you’ll be able to easily try new things out, and enjoy doing so. That gentle beginning cushions the effect of having your limiting beliefs challenged, because as Jonathan demonstrates new skills that you might think couldn’t be done let alone done reliably — and then gets you doing them successfully too… it becomes hard to go back to those limiting beliefs. And that requires moving forward with a sense of new wonder and curiosity about how things can and will be different in the future. You may not yet have a new sense of direction, and that’s fine, because there are too many possibilities at this point. To counter that, between Modules 1 & 2, we provide you with two in depth language models to practice and work on learning to recognize and use. Remember, you’re still in the early stages at this point.

Weekend 2: 4 days

Core Skills:   Techniques, Systems, Skills & Methods

Our outcomes for this module include: To teach the major core skills for NLP, have you practice your foundational (Module 1) skills while using profoundly effective tools and techniques (in directed fashion). This is where you learn what each tool does and is good for. You’ll learn more about your own natural skills and weaknesses, and set up new feedback loops for improving in the group setting and on your own afterwards.

Our topics for this module include: Eye Access cues, submodalities, anchoring, trance, values, strategies, metaprograms & more

How you’ll likely feel, after this module: You’re going to have some major Eureka moments during and after this module. You’ll be elated with early successes, and also be stretching yourself, finding comfort zone boundaries and learning that it’s OK to push through them. This is where you’ll begin to develop a sense of competence and a belief that you really can do these extraordinary things, balanced with the knowledge that you really do need to practice these skills if you want to keep them and develop them to the level of unconscious competence. You will have a stronger sense of direction… after this module.


Weekend 3: 3 days

Tools & Style:   Integration, Complexity & Artistry

Our outcomes for this module include: This is where we teach and demonstrate more complex weaving and blending of all of the other core and foundational skills in NLP. This is our skills-integration weekend where it all comes together. Jonathan likes to say (tongue in cheek) that it would take him 10 days to properly train timeline skills… because timeline skills (on day 10 of this course) essentially use everything else he’s already taught in his 10-day Practitioner training.

Our topics for this module include:  Swish, Squash, Time Distortion, Timeline work, Skills Integration, & more

How you’ll likely feel, after this module: Elated, Elevated, Expanded, Competent, More Highly Aware, Deeply Curious, More Tolerant, More in Control of Your Emotions, More Self-Directed, and More Self-Motivated! All emphasized by an ever-present growing sense of playfulness and sense of wonder about how you’ll move through the world differently, going forward.

What’s included:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Me Now

What’s NOT Inlcluded:

  • Cookies
  • Pony Rides
  • The love from your mother

“Working in the music industry, communication and language are the most important tools of my trade.  My weekend with Jonathan will undoubtedly help me in all of my communication and negotiation.  Thank you!!”

Dave Rogers, Music Manager, Karmic Limited

Reserve your seat for



3 extended weekends of in-person training (10 days total) to acquire a profound and well-integrated foundation in NLP Knowledge and Skills.

Course Syllabus

  • Well-formed Goals
  • NLP Presuppositions
  • Verbal & Nonverbal Rapport (Pacing & Leading)
  • Mastery States of Learning
  • Logical Levels of Communication
  • Sensory Acuity
  • Sensory-Rich Language (VAK)
  • State Management
  • Calibration Skills – for Identifying States, Responses, Hidden Information, and for Lie Detection
  • Developing a More Compelling Voice – Tonality, Rhythm, & Strategic Pausing
  • Meta Model 
  • Milton Model — Acceptable / Ethical Ways to be Conversationally Hypnotic or Influential
  • Eye Access cues (a more Modern use of them)
  • Submodalities — for Changing the Meaning of Memories, for Accessing More Resourceful States

  • Identifying and Using others’ Submodalities without Needing to ASK about them
  • Anchoring: single anchors, sliding anchors, stacked anchors, collapsing anchors, and chaining anchors.
  • Identifying and Speaking to Values
  • Strategy Elicitation/Sharing: Convincer Strategies, Decision Strategies, Buying Strategies, etc.
  • (some) Metaprograms:  Rapid filtering for, Detection & Conversational Usage.  (Most Metaprog’s are in Master Prac).
  • Group Influence Techniques
  • Time Distortion
  • Strategic State-Chaining
  • Reframing
  • Pattern Interrupts
  • Communicating and Listening Concurrently
  • NLP Change Techniques (e.g., Swish, Squash, Fast Phobia Technique, and a lot more)
  • Walking Timeline exercises
  • And much, much more.

Environment & Schedule

An experience where you are well-cared for.


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More Praise from Students

Kay Pentacost

Database Solutions Developer,

Attended Course :
NLP Practitioner Training

For twelve amazing days in April and May the group of us learned about NLP through explanation, exercises, and trance (my favorite part). It’s been 5 months since I started the NLP Practioner Training. The first effects I noticed after the training was how much easier it was to read my NLP books. The second effect was an ability to easily control my states, most of the time, and the knowledge that I could anytime I wanted to. The most frequent comment I got from others was something like… “you seem different… I don’t know, lighter somehow.” I take it as a compliment! My life has changed a lot. Some of the ways are very subtle: a sense of comfort, a feeling of attractiveness, more positive responses from other people. I get more done at work because my focus is better; when I’m not focusing, I use NLP to start and increase my focus. I have more fun when I’m not working (and really, more fun working). And in some ways things seem completely different. I can’t explain exactly how, but the world is brighter and sparkly. You’ll know what I mean, I think, if you’ve had a practitioner course; you’ll find out when you take one, if you haven’t yet. I think it’s the best thing I ever did for myself… so far.

Todd Baumgartner

Systems Administrator, Cincinnati, OH

Attended Course :
NLP Skills-Builders (course)

After attending an NLP seminar with Jonathan Altfeld, I can only use one word to describe it: amazing! Throughout the weekend, I went through a metamorphosis, leaving the cocoon of my former limited self and now knowing that I can accomplish anything I desire. My only limit now is time. I was amazed to have seen some of my limiting beliefs just fade away and snap like delicate threads. Not only did these changes take place during the seminar, but I now have the tools necessary to make other changes to any aspect of my life. I now understand that the only thing holding me back was myself! Seeing Jonathan using the skills he was teaching in real life was also a major plus. He uses everything that he is teaching all of the time. He doesn’t give stop until he knows that everyone has learned what they need to know. In the past few days, since the seminar, I have developed more rapport with my family and co-workers. In the past, I would have been in a situation where meeting new people would have scared me immensely, and now, I can’t wait to meet new people. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. If you are not living life to the fullest, then you owe it to yourself to go to one of his seminars.

Elmer H. “Pete” Young

Criminal Defense Attorney, Augusta, GA

Attended Course :
NLP Practitioner Training

I am waaay late in fulfilling my earlier intention of thanking Jonathan for the exciting and enlightening experience of his Practitioner course in February, 2012.

I have since attended another and both have literally changed the way I approach, my clients, my trials and indeed, my life!  I would tell every lawyer I know to engage Jonathan to improve their skills, but only if they didn’t practice in my jurisdictions!  These skills have enhanced my life, for sure!  Thanks, Jonathan!

Crystal Spring

NLP Practitioner & Reiki Master

Attended Course :
NLP Practitioner Training

Once again Jonathan has completed a training and brought us all to a beautiful crescendo, ascension of skills, clarity, and directed us in reframing the hovering hesitant past to a powerful present which is future-paced and has maximal integration. Thank you Jonathan.

Drew Kennedy

Sales Professional, Entrepreneur, Dallas, TX

Attended Course :
NLP Sales Wizardry

Hey, my name’s Drew Kennedy, and I attended Jonathan Altfeld’s NLP Sales Wizardry Program, NLP, and I didn’t know what to expect. He said he was going to show a bunch of information; I’ve seen some trainers around the world; Jonathan blew me away. I can’t stress it enough; the man was amazing. Too much information, really. 18 hours of craziness, and all kinds of stuff, it was the most amazing seminar in sales I’ve ever participated in. My expectations, again, they were high, because I had a lot of expectations meeting Jonathan and knowing what he was capable of, but guess what: I knew that he was going to be the man – and he blew me away. He underpromised and then he overdelivered. What suggestion would I give to other salespeople: Let him come unpack the power, people, that’s all I can say to you. Just let him unpack the power. He was phenomenal. Whatever it takes for you to get here, move Heaven and Earth, and come see Jonathan; He will change your world, and unpack your power!

David T.

Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner, London, UK

Attended Course :
NLP Skills-Builders (course)

 Jonathan is truly one of the greats in NLP. Kind, warm-hearted, & great fun to work with. Most excellent.

Mayra Rivera

Attorney, Miami, FL

Attended Course :
NLP Practitioner Training

I recommend Jonathan’s NLP Course to anyone who is interested in dramatically improving his or her rapport and communication skills. I am very impressed with Jonathan’s quick and practical approach to the questions posed by his students. I have accepted the challenge to continue practicing these skills in the future, and strive to achieve Jonathan’s elegance and mastery.

Arlene Hoffman

Miami, FL

Attended Course :
NLP Practitioner Training

Take a remarkable journey with Jonathan Altfeld to a new awakening, a new beginning, and a Bigger and Better You. The tools and techniques of the NLP Prac Training will elevate you higher than you ever thought you would soar. Learn, experience, grow rich in love, language, and personal success.

Jorge Colon

Attorney, Miami, FL

Attended Course :
NLP Practitioner Training

Jonathan Altfeld is truly dedicated to each of his students’ growth and effectiveness. His integrity, patience, and kindness are a good model for trainers, managers, and parents.

Register with your fully refundable $100 deposit.



3 extended weekends of in-person training (10 days total) to acquire a profound and well-integrated foundation in NLP Knowledge and Skills.

NLP Practitioner Weekends Course Tuition rates

$2,795 if fully paid within 1 month before the course begins.
$2,595 if fully paid 2 mo. prior to start.  (save $200)
$2,395 if fully paid 3 mo. prior to start. (save $400!)

Discounts when re-taking or re-freshing your Practitioner course?  

If you’ve taken an NLP Practitioner Course with Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Rex Sikes, Robert Dilts, Doug O’Brien, NLP Comprehensive, or certain others, you may attend our Practitioner course at 50% of our $2795 tuition, or $1400.*

If you’ve taken an NLP Practitioner Course with anyone certifying through the ABNLP (originally Tad James’ certifying body), you may attend our Practitioner course at 75% of our $2795 tuition, or $2100.*

*proof would be required.

If you’ve taken an NLP Practitioner Training with anyone certifying through NFNLP or ICBCH, there would be no discounts.

If you’d like to check on another trainer or certifying body, please inquire through our contact form.

Register today with Paypal:


Your ($100) deposit is fully refundable before the course, anytime (no admin fee). 

Once you pay your full tuition balance (over the $100), your tuition is still fully refundable up to the start of the course (less a 4% admin fee on the balance).

Once the course begins, you can still briefly request a refund, if you think the course environment or Jonathan’s training style just isn’t for you!  How does it work?

Plan to come for the course’s first weekend.  If by the end of lunch on Day One, you feel it’s  just not right for you, we invite you to return your materials for a refund of your full tuition (minus a 4% admin fee).  After that, no further refunds will be extended due to the amount of time and energy Jonathan spends getting to know you and training you.   When you stay through the first afternoon, we’ll assume you’re all in for a fulfilling, well-supported learning journey with plenty of growth and wonderful surprises ahead!

“But what if I have to miss a weekend unexpectedly?”  Do keep in mind you will be involved in selecting all training weekends.  So in an unusual case like this, where your schedule changed and made it impossible for you to attend, we will always let you attend the same weekend module in one of our future classes at no additional charge.  But we cannot offer a refund in cases like this.

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