NLP Modeling in live GeniusMapping™ Taster sessions

Jun 23, 2021 | Accelerated Learning, Business, High Performance | 0 comments

GeniusMapping™ synthesizes and synergizes NLP Modeling, Knowledge Engineering, and Belief Craft.

For all those interested in NLP Modeling — the capture of excellence — we’ve been teaching our K.E. Modeling Skills for 24 years to the NLP community. Recently, we up-levelled our process into what is now known as GeniusMapping™. Learn more at

In addition to our 6-day Certification Course, you can now attend LIVE 3-hour GeniusMapping™ modeling taster sessions via Zoom.

Here’s a 12-minute preview of one of these GeniusMapping™ sessions. In this clip, our trainer – GeniusMapper™ Jonathan Altfeld, models his exemplar Carlos Casados, for his gifted ability to create and nurture win-win relationships.

While it’s worth watching in full, pay very close attention starting at timecode 4:18, for the next several minutes. This illustrates why GeniusMapping™ is such a superior method for modeling excellence: the ability to capture unconscious knowledge!

Replay our past Taster Sessions, and Attend new ones!

Since working with Carlos, we’ve done GeniusMapping™ Taster Sessions on a variety of areas of Genius!  We’ve captured knowledge from areas like doing Deep-Dive Learning, Self-Healing Relationship Triggers, and De-Escalating Violence.  Our exemplars are extraordinary people with even more extraordinary gifts.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re attracted to the content of their expertise, or to the process of unpacking and mapping Genius!  Explore our GeniusMapping™ modeling taster sessions, for an easy way to get into the spirit of NLP Modeling!  Soon, you too could be capturing expertise for a fast track to replicating their expertise and skill.