“Creating Business Growth” becomes Amazon International Best Seller, 1/1/2015

Jan 1, 2015 | Business, Influence/Persuasion | 0 comments

On January 1, 2015, Jonathan Altfeld and 20 other co-authors released a digital book entitled “Creating Business Growth.”

On its first day of release, the book “Creating Business Growth” reached the #1 book in its class on Amazon.com in the UK (6.5 hours) and the U.S. (7 hours). Then, the book reached best seller status on Amazon in 6 more countries over the next few days.  Additionally, the authors released a print-on-demand version shortly afterwards.

Jonathan’s chapter: “Using NLP to Draw in Rabidly-Hungry, Highly-Qualified Leads.”

Here’s a quick excerpt…

Using NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) to draw in rabidly-hungry, highly-qualified leads.

Many entrepreneurs today are at least aware of NLP, if not trained in it.

After all, NLP is completely focused on the structure of subjectivity, and on influencing minds to have more choice, make better decisions, and change perspectives. Every entrepreneur and marketer needs to be good at these things. There is a natural fit between these two domains of expertise.

NLP Practitioners and Trainers ought to become more entrepreneurial, to better sell their services and manage their business. Entrepreneurs benefit from using NLP, to become better at structuring the language of their offers. However, don’t assume that because these fields contribute so much to each other, that one set of skills is identical to the other. They really aren’t similar. They simply inform each other in valuable ways.

This chapter aims to help you use aspects of NLP to get more leads and more profitable customers.

To do this we look at (1) your goals, (2) your own emotional state management, (3) how well you pace and lead other people’s experiences, (4) how effectively you elicit emotional investment and action states in other people, and (5) how you structure the language of your lead generation campaigns to maximize responses.

Other chapters focus on…

In other chapters, you’ll find specific marketing techniques, strategies for how to succeed with various digital platforms, and business development ideas.

Please note, as is often the case, there’s a big price difference between the paperback print-on-demand version and the Kindle version.

We hope you enjoy and get great value from the book!  Download, enjoy — and please do remember to leave a review on Amazon.

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