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Whether you seek discreet executive coaching or live training, or need help to level up the capabilities of your workforce… we provide customized solutions and profound learning experiences, honed from 25 years of training and coaching tens of thousands of people across 10+ countries and 3 continents in-person, and sharing expertise through home-study programs to 20,000 customers in 50+ countries.  Are you excited to push the envelope and ramp up your possibilities?

Meet Your Trainer

Jonathan Altfeld

25 years of NLP training and coaching experiences earned across 10 different countries has led Jonathan to become one of the most insightful, skilled, and approachable trainers you’re likely to ever meet. Jonathan has always maintained a high bar for quality NLP Training with an appreciation for applying NLP across many contexts.

He’s been a prolific original creator of training materials, and refused to ‘reinvent the wheel’ by publishing derivative works. He’s also the creator of an entire modeling methodology called GeniusMapping™ that has often been described as “NLP’s Missing Link.”

When he’s not coaching or training, you might find him enjoying movies, music, designing houses, cooking, impersonating voices and accents, figuring out puzzles, contact-juggling, or analyzing handwriting!

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Jonathan Altfeld’s “Guide to Using Sensory Rich Vocabulary (VAK)”

This 28pp digital booklet* will help you connect with just about anyone, regardless of how differently they think!  Many of our customers keep this on hand when emailing with people who communicate very differently than they do.

This includes not only the world’s largest sensory-rich vocabulary list, and also organizes these words into categories (including AWARENESS words, which helps you direct attention using other people’s sometimes-hidden sensory doorways).

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The Mastery InSight Difference

The world of NLP has been plagued by too many copycat trainers who’ve never learned how things work well (or not) in the business world, or perhaps the only businesses they know have been their own training businesses. Jonathan’s two careers (in AI, and in NLP) have brought him into Fortune 500 companies on multiple continents, and his coaching experience has taught him to design unique, creative, as well as contextually-wise solutions.

Whether you’re looking for a best-in-class coach or consultant with an unparalleled ability to help you or your company rise above current challenges, or you’re looking for among the best NLP training experiences possible, you’ll have made an extremely smart choice with the Mastery InSight Institute.

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